Hello there!

Feel at home, get inspired, be happy, dig in the warmth, and most importantly breathe!

Soul and all is about living consciously right in the moment, a minimalist lifestyle with a sense of responsibility and good vibes. That’s right this is what your life needs–some time to slow down and relax.

The soul behind Soul and All

Well, here I am your companion, Sonali to spread a little good in your life when a whole load of things can go wrong. This blog is my life project to put a smile on your face, to make you believe in good things out there, and be there for you. So that, we can take little steps together towards an awesome life.

I am crazy about all little things in life which make life shine more and sometimes our routines do not allow to pay attention at. These are the things I like to discuss it here and life in general. This is how I come up with this blog. So, let’s just give high-five to life, together!

Reach to me

In case you want to connect, talk, advice, complain or just a heart-to-heart, then I am just an e-mail away.

Write me at [email protected]

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